When does the club meet?
The NPG meets every second Tuesday at 8pm. All are welcome to drop by.

Does the club run all year round?
The club meets all year round except for the summer months of July and August. There may still be activities / events during these summer months which are communicated and organised via the club “whatsapp” group. Also over the Christmas period meetings will be postponed.

What is my membership number?
When you join you will be assigned a unique membership number. This number is used to identify your photo’s during competitions.

What is the cost for club membership?
Membership fees are payable at the beginning os the season. See Fee Structure. From September. The club normally meets every second week and has an attendance subscription, which is currently suspended during covid.

Is there a grading structure in the club?
The club has a simple grading structure of novice, intermediate and advanced. This is assigned at the time of joining and reviewed regularly by the committee. With your membership, the letter “N” or “I” or “A” is a prefix with your membership number to help identify which category you are in.

Are there club rules or code of conduct?
Yes, you can read this or download a PDF from our website. It is also provided with the membership form.