Internal Competitions amongst our members, each based on a different theme, are held on a regular basis and can be printed or projected images.

The judging of each is done by an external guest judge, with the names presented for first, second & third place in each grade & category.

There will be six Internal Club Competitions held over the Club season.

Competitions will consist of three categories:

  1. Colour Print.
  2. Monochrome Print.
  3. Projected Image. (Digital Image).

Each Competition will have one Themed Category. The other two open themed.

Images will be awarded points out of  20 (max) per Image.

At the end of the year one Member from each of the three grades (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced) will be awarded “ NPG Photographer Of The Year”  ( POTY )

Also in each of the three grades there will be:

  • League Winner …Projected Image.
  • League Winner…. Colour Print.
  • League Winner….Monochrome Print.


League results will be decided on the basis of the combined points any member receives over the course of the club year based on their  best FIVE results out of the six competitions. Their lowest score in each of the three categories will not count and will be deducted from their totals. Members who do not enter all six competitions will have all their scores totalled.



1st Place     20 Points

2nd Place    18 Points

3rd Place     17 Points

Remaining images will be awarded Points to a maximum of 15 Points.

Multiple images can receive the same points up to 15.

There will be no joint placings for 1st 2ndor 3rd.

No image will receive 19 points or 16 Points.

In the event of a tie, the Member who received the greater number of higher Points / Placings will be deemed to be the winner.

Judges decision is final.

Link to Competition Rules