Competition FAQ’s

Can I submit two similar images?
Images that resemble each other too closely are not allowed.

Can I enter the same image in black and white and in colour?
No, images must be submitted in either black and white or colour, not both.

Where can I purchase mount boards?
Boards can be purchased at most club meetings.

How do I mount the Photograph?
On occasions there are quick demonstrations at the beginning or end of a meeting to show how best to mount the picture. Alternatively, one of the current members will show you how or explain to you.

Do I print a watermark or logo on my images for the competition?
The title of your entry will contain your membership number to help the judges identify who owns the image. The photos are commented on during competition night. Your name is anonymous. The only names that are announced are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images. See competition guidelines for further information.

How many images can I submit?
1 for each print sections and 1 for projected which can either be colour or B/W.