About Us

Established in 2012, the Naas Photography Group (NPG) boasts around 55 active members. We warmly welcome new members aged 18 and above, regardless of experience.
Our diverse group comprises individuals with various backgrounds, united by a shared passion for photography. From beginners to seasoned photographers, we maintain a balanced mix. At the heart of our community is a focus on the social aspect of photography, with an emphasis on enjoyment and the valuable lessons we gain along the journey.

Regardless of one's experience level, we consistently enhance our photography skills by exchanging knowledge and experiences among members. Engaging in various activities, we collectively continue to broaden our understanding of photography.


Our aims are

  • To have fun while learning from each other.
  • Organise photographic activities for our members.
  • The development of photographic skills
  • Support local charity organisations by promoting their events through photography and social media.
  • To provide a forum for our members to pursue their photographic interests.


  • Day outings, Overnight trips, Evening shoots
  • Interactive presentations by guest speakers
  • Internal Competitions
  • Training via workshops and Tutorials
  • Buddy Group get together which aims to promote learning through smaller groups
  • Exhibiting our work locally