Naas Photography Group (NPG) dates from 2012. There are currently approx. 55 active members. Membership is open to 18+, with no experience necessary. New members are always welcome.

We have a wide range of backgrounds with a common hobby, photography. Also, we have a balance of beginners to experienced members. Above all, our emphasis is on the social aspect of photography, the fun element & the things that we learn along the way are an added bonus. Whichever category, we continue to learn more about photography through sharing our knowledge and experience with our fellow members and through the activities in which we participate.

Exhibition 2024

Naas Photography Group  is delighted to announce we will be holding an exhibition in the new Naas library in May. To find out more details visit our events section.

Naas Photo Group Information


NPG is affiliated with the Irish Photography Federation (IPF), enabling access to experienced photographers and nationwide competitions.

Activities and Calendar

Activities range for day trips, tutorials, competitions to Annual exhibition.

Please check our Events page for more details.

Membership Information

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, all sharing a common hobby; the love and pursuit of photography. Membership is open to anyone over 18 – regardless of their level of expertise or what type of camera they have. New members are always welcome.

Competition Time

Internal Competitions amongst our members, each based on a different theme are held on a regular basis.

Please check our “competitions page” for more information.

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