Club Events

New Season 2020/21 meeting schedule

Until further notice all club meetings will be held over Zoom.

Note:- For each competitions un-themed categories are “open theme”

  08-Sep-20   Welcome back – Zoom – New Schedule+ POTY announcement + cover details of League & competition
  22-Sep-20   Workshop -Zoom- Cherry Larcombe  “Flower Artistry”
 06-Oct-20   Workshop – Zoom – Joe Houghton “Street Photography”  Competition hand in –  Theme “Floral” – Colour
 20-Oct-20   Zoom – Judging of League Competition
 03-Nov-20  Workshop -John Bermingham – “Conceptual photography”
 17-Nov-20   Webinar  –  Colin Stafford + Competition hand in – Theme “Patterns” – Mono
 01-Dec-20   Judging of League Competition
 15-Dec-20  Workshop Zoom – Rodney O Callagahan “Landscape”
 05-Jan-21   Workshop –Bernie Morrow “Landscapes ” + Competition hand in – Theme “Sunrise/sunset/golden  hour” – Projected
 19-Jan-21   Judging of League Competition
 02-Feb-21   Workshop John Mee (Landscape with portraiture)
 16-Feb-21   Workshop on Adobe Lightroom + Competition hand in – Theme “Winter” – Mono
 02-Mar-21   Judging of League Competition
 23-Mar-21  **  Workshop Eileen McCausland B/W Portraiture
 06-Apr-21   Workshop – Guy Edwards “Nature presentation”+ Competition hand in – Theme “Breaking the rules” –  Colour
 20-Apr-21   Judging of League Competition 
 04-May-21   Workshop – Cathal McNaughton, ‘A Pulitzer Evening’
 18-May-21   Workshop – JP Stones, ‘Storytelling for Photographers’+ Competition hand in–Theme “Street/Urban” -Projected 
 01-Jun-21   Judging of League Competition
15-Jun-21  Naas Photography Group – AGM
29-Jun-21  Exhibition – League results & presentation of Awards

** denotes a 3-week gap from previous meeting

Internal Competitions

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