Club Events

New Season 2021/22 meeting schedule

Until further notice all club meetings will be held over Zoom.

Note:- For each competitions un-themed categories are “open theme”

  07-Sep-21   Welcome back – New Schedule + League Presentation 2020/21
  21-Sep-21   (Zoom) Dave Newton – Pet photography
 05-Oct-21   (Zoom) James Crosbie – Sport Photography

  + Competition hand in –  Theme “Night time” – Mono

19-Oct-21   (Zoom) Judging of League Competition
 02-Nov-21  (Zoom) Tina Claffey – Bog Life
 16-Nov-21   (Zoom) Francesco Gola – Long Exposure

+ Competition hand in – Theme “Sport” – Colour

30-Nov-21   (Zoom) Judging of League Competition
 14-Dec-21  (Zoom) Dominic Byrne, ARPS, Travel Photography
 04-Jan-22  (Zoom) The Shield Workshop ‘with Gerry Walsh

+ Competition hand in – Theme “RED” – Colour

 18-Jan-22   Judging of League Competition
 01-Feb-22  (Zoom) Denis O’Reilly – ‘Fine art flower photography’
 15-Feb-22  (Zoom) Gabriel O’Shaughnessy MFIAP, FIPF, FRPS, EFIAP

+ Competition hand in – Theme “Abandoned buildings” – Mono

 01-Mar-22   Judging of League Competition
 15-Mar-22  (Zoom) Stephanie Johnson – ‘ICM Photography’
 29-Mar-22  (Zoom) Kevin Morgans – ‘Puffins Photography’
 12-Apr-22  (Zoom) Mark C. Taylor – ‘Portraiture and Processing’

+ Competition hand in – Theme “Changing Seasons” – Colour

26-Apr-22  Judging of League Competition
 10-May-22  (Zoom) Lorraine Gilligan – ‘Artistic Nude Photography’
 24-May-22 (Zoom) Joe Houghton – ‘Mono Processing LR Workshop’

+ Competition hand in – Theme “Best Friends” – Mono

07-Jun-22  Judging of League Competition
28-Jun-22  AGM + League results & presentation of Awards

Internal Competitions

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