Competition Rules

League Competition Season 2020 / 2021

DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS all competitions will be digital entries and judging will be presented online until further notice. There will be no printed images. We will continue with the three categories

There are six competitions this season. Each competition will have one themed category. Please see the events page for the theme details.

At the end of the season one member from each of the three grades will be awarded “ NPG Photographer Of The Year”  ( POTY )

In each of the three grades there will be a first, second and third place awarded for each league category :

  • Projected
  • Colour
  • Monochrome

If you’d like details on how the scoring works contact the Competition secretary.  

Rules for entering Naas Photography Group Internal Competitions

Competitions are only open to Paid Up Members of Naas Photography Group.

link to This Seasons competitions

Members are graded into one of three grades,

  •       Novice. (N)
  •       Intermediate. (I)
  •       Advanced. (A)

General Guidelines

  • Members may enter one image only in each of the three categories,  ie. Max three images per competition.
  • Images may only be entered in a Club Competition once.
  • Images that were entered in the Club Exhibition, but were NOT previously entered in any internal Club Competition MAY be entered into a future Internal Club Competition.
  • Images that have been entered into Competition may not be converted or altered for the purpose of re entry into the same or another Competition. ie converting an Image from Colour to Monochrome or using a cropped portion of an Image etc.
  • Very closely similar images are not permitted. Final decision as to whether images are too closely similar lies with The Competition Secretary.
  • Images must be submitted on Hand In date. (Arrangements can be made to accept images prior to hand in date if necessary)

Guidelines for submitting digital images

  1. Image size must be 2048 pixels on the longest side.
  2. Images must be saved as .jpg format with a max file size of 3MB
  3. Projected Images may be colour or monochrome.
  4. Images should not have your name or water mark included.
  5. All images must have a title.
  6. To help classify the files, please name the images as follows Xyyy(z)_title.jpg where

X = A for advanced, I for Intermediate or N for non-advanced,

Yyy = your identification number

(z) = the category, C for Colour, M for Mono, P for projected

For example:- if I am in the advanced group and my membership number is 007 and I am submitting three photographs the names will be:

  • A007c_landscape.jpg
  • A007m_Church.jpg
  • A007p_Horse.jpg

Projected images are emailed to The Competition Secretary at… 

It is suggested if you are entering an image into each category that you send each in a separate email with the details in the subject line.