May-2021 Competition Results

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Well done to all…..The Competition results are …

May 2021  Novice

Projected image, Theme “Street/Urban “

  • 1st Place John Malone “Honesty is the best policy”
  • 2nd Place Randal Howlett “Guilty kiss”
  • 3rd Place Frank O’Shaughnessy “Going Home”

Mono print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place Randal Howlett “New life”
  • 2nd Place “Marian O’Rourke  Breakfast time”
  • 3rd Place Michael Cullen “I hate cycling in the rain”

Colour print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place Michael Cullen  “What”
  • 2nd Place Mary Cleere “Church field’
  • 3rd Place Marian O’Rourke “Out in the woods”

May 2021 Intermediate

Projected image, Theme “ Street/Urban”

  • 1st Place Síle Horan “Wet Streets”
  • 2nd Place Tony McLoughlin “Looking back”
  • 3rd Place Alan Connelly “Men at work”

Mono print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place Sile Horan “The olden days”
  • 2nd Place Tony McLoughlin “Simplicity”
  • 3rd Place Alan Connelly “Bye Bye”

Colour print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place John Rapple “Hungry Heron”
  • 2nd Place Denis Mc Carthy “South Pacific”
  • 3rd Place Anne Fitzpatrick “Sea Parrot”

May 2021 Advanced

Projected image, Theme “ Street/Urban “

  • 1st Place Scott Kincade Shad Thames London”
  • 2nd Place Derek Lowry “Business Meeting”
  • 3rd Place  Gatis Kalnins “Coffee Break

Mono print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place Dominic Byrne  “Eye of the Beholder”
  • 2nd Place Gatis Kalnins “Playtime”
  • 3rd Place Derek Lowry “Morning Stroll”

Colour print, Theme Open

  • 1st Place Dominic Byrne  “Scriptures”
  • 2nd Place Gatis Kalnins “Deer”
  • 3rd Place Liam McDermott “We are being watched”